Rock, Paper, ScissARs

An augmented reality roshambo game for iOS. Experience the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors like never before.

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Augmented Reality

Use your phones camera to detect the hand formation you will choose to play.

Augmented Reality Rock, Paper, Scissors

Play Versus Computer

Think you can beat technology? Challenge the computer in a best of 1/3/5/7 series.

Play versus the computer

Track Stats

Analyze what hand formation you seem to prefer to make yourself nearly unbeatable down the line.

Track your stats

How To Play:

After beginning a game, just display your hand position to the camera on your device and tap on the overlay icon when you are ready to 'shoot'. From there the rules of the game are simple:

  • Rock: Beats scissors. Loses to paper.
  • Paper: Beats rock. Loses to scissors.
  • Scissors: Beats paper. Loses to rock.

Overlay Button Functionality:

  • Exit Game - top left: This will quit the current game. The current game status will not be saved.
  • Reset Game - bottom left: This will reset the current game.
  • Manual Play - top right: If the camera is having a difficult time picking up the correct position, hit this button to manually select rock, paper, or scissors.
Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Great for All Ages!

Come experience the classic game with a fun, augmented reality twist.